Monday, 31 January 2011

Treble Clef.

Treble Clef

I was asked to design something I wouldn't normally draw or even consider designing. It's not that I don't like the idea, it's just something that has never been on my 'must draw' list... but I loved designing this. It's opened new doors for me (not literally, I can open my own doors thanks). I always like the chance to do Black and Grey work too, because it really makes you think about shading and contrast, so cheers Martha.

Spread the word, CT is here waiting for your requests!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Angel of Amsterdam.

Darwin's Mistake

Three monkeys sat on a coconut tree,
Discussing things as they're said to be;
Said one to the others, "Now listen, you two
There's a certain rumor that can't be true
That man descended from our noble race;
The very idea is a big disgrace.
No monkey ever deserted his wife,
Starved her babies and ruined her life;
And you've never known a mother-monk
To leave her babies with others to bunk,
Or pass them on from one to another
Till they scarcely know who was their mother;
And another thing you'll never see,
A monk building a fence around a coconut tree
And let the coconuts go to waste
Forbidding all other monks to taste;
Why, if I'd put a fence round the tree
Starvation would force you to steal from me;
Here's another thing a monk won't do
Go out at night and get on the stew
Or use a gun or club or knife
To take some other monkey's life;
Yes, man descended — with all his fuss,
But, brothers, he didn't descend from us!"

I discovered this amusing poem whilst reading through my copy of 'Tattoo Darling - The Art Of Angelique Houtkamp'. I'm not a religious guy but the Monkey in this poem makes a lot of sense (he's wiser than me). I also have 'Tattoo Mystique - The Art And World Of Angelique Houtkamp', which is equally as interesting. Her work is incredible, it's so clean and it has a definite style running throughout - I'm still searching for mine... us artists are never happy with our own work. 

Check the Angel out, she is Da Bomb!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Chirst The Redeemer.

Christ The Redeemer

Nope, it's not a tattoo design but I thought, 'You know what, I might as well post this because A) it looks pretty sweet, and B) ... well there is no B)'. There used to be a proper lame picture in this frame (little rhyme there) and my Mum wanted me to paint a picture based on the amazing statue of Christ in Rio De Janeiro. I painted this with watercolours and it only took me about about 30 mins. I'm really happy with the rough, slap-dash finish.

If I paint anymore pictures in this style, be sure to check them out!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Bride.

The Bride

Sarah wanted me to design her a Manga/Anime style tattoo of herself in her wedding dress surrounded by roses. I really enjoyed designing this because everything went smoothly and personally I think it looks sick (there's that word again).

A very happy customer, she also mentioned that her husband might be interested in getting a tattoo design by Crisis Tattoo!

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Victor Kensinger, this guy is insane. I can't get enough of his work, it just intrigues me. He's created this almost gothic 'film noir' world in which somehow the past and future are one. Mythical and prehistoric creatures roam, but to be honest, I'm less afraid of them than I am of the 'bloody' vixens in Victor's world.

Beautiful artwork and such an inspiration, keep up the amazing work you sicko!

Friday, 21 January 2011

New Year, New Blog, New Horizons.

I've finally created a blog for Crisis Tattoo. Okay, so the majority of you will be thinking 'what the hell is Crisis Tattoo?', well let me explain. I'm a guy who is obsessed with tattoos (ask my girlfriend Ruth, she'll back me up). I never stop thinking about them, and most of all, I love designing them. To be honest I love drawing and painting, but there is something about tattoo imagery that gets me wild. I have tattoos myself, but not even half as much as I design.
I started Crisis Tattoo on Facebook just after I graduated from uni and it's been sick (my current favorite word). I've had the opportunity to design tattoos for friends, family and people who have found my page on Facebook. Here is the link below, check it out and hit 'Like'.

This blog will work as an extension and continuation to my Facebook page, so if you're interested please follow both. So, without chattin' too much, here is a painting I'm selling, please get in touch if you want it:

Pirate Ship

I've nearly finished a design for Sarah, The Bride coming soon, keep your eyes peeled!